Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Epic Poem :)

I found myself starting to write this "epic" poem probably about a year or so ago...

This Tale has been going on since the beginning of the world
At the dawn of the new age you must always choose your lord
Whether to serve with humility, he of Light
Or to follow he who loves the Night

Two worlds have separated them since time began
One above yonder and one who dwells in the Underland
Raging back and forth through time and space
The fight is drawing to the end of every race

He lives under the ground with his minions
Waiting for the day to take dominion
With his cloak of Fear and vicious red eyes
Calmly lingering for that day he would arise

He lives above in the sky beyond
With his forces in a unity bond
His eyes are cool blue, his hair silver white
Wondering if things will ever be right

When the time comes and the battle draws near
The forces will line up in full battle gear
Those following him of Light will carry bronze shields
With lightning in their footsteps and crystal swords, they shall yield
Those following him of Dark will support fierce black spears
Alongside with crimson red shields they shall hold near

I have more, but this is just a teaser. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday Poem

I took a walk outside on the gravel street
Just My dog and me
I feel the rocks crunch beneath my feet
Just My dog and me
I look above and see the red horizon
Just My dog and me
I close my eyes and start to run
Just My dog and me
I feel the rush of the wind on my face
Just My dog and me
I find myself transported to another place
Just My dog and me

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday Poem

I stand and look at the sky
I see it change from light to dark
The voice replies and hits the mark
"It is time to say goodbye"