Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do you know what time it is??

Here it is......10:00pm, no later.....no less.

The stillness in the kitchen is like sitting in a raft on the calm part of the Rouge River. I hear the steady hum of the computer trying to keep up with m.....y.......t....y.....p...i....n...g. I see the darkness of the outside world sealing this evening to a close. I feel the cool breeze of the night air coming in through the screen door behind me. Ahhhh.....these great spring days.

Here are some random pictures from our puppet performance last Wednesday:

As you can see we worked hard. If you can guess what the picture is in the middle you win a pat on the back. I think it looks kind of cool, but you may all think it is really silly. I guess I should tell you what where we went for this last performance....we went to this Baptist church in Medford and performed for their club there. Went pretty good despite that we got unplugged halfway through it. Oh well...made for some excitement.
So it seems like this school term and work schedule is probably the most "engaging". Working 30 hours a week (I wish I could work more!) and taking 18 credits...boy things just couldn't be better....
Well I need to rest these eyes, so TTfn.

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Davy said...

Thanks for posting this Andy, because I doubt I would have made the time.