Monday, June 4, 2007

My Kraving!

I had this craving tonight that started almost as soon as I got to astronomy class.

I was craving these yogurt covered pretzels which makes the Sun seem to shine a little brighter, the spring in one's step higher, the twinkle in one's eye shine that much clearer. I had to have these pretzels.
So as soon as break rolled around in astronomy class I was out the door and down to the vending machine in a flat five parsecs. As I scanned the vending machine my eyes beheld the bag of scrumpish delight. Pure joy filled me! My mouth started to water, my eyes became crossed eyed, my nose could smell those pretzels through the machine. I reached into my pocket frantically searching for my change....where is it? where is it? Finally, I could feel that soft copper in my hand. I smile spread across my face. :)=like this! As I moved my hand from my pocket, which contained 4 crisp quarters, something caught my eye. My breath went from my mouth, my fingers started to shake, all life was draining....the vending machine was out of order! :( I was crushed, shaken to my core. My craving was starting to take over me, but I maintained control and decided I didn't need those pretzels tonight anyway. So I just turned my back and I left that place behind. So it was a happy end to the story after all. I left that place feeling satisfied I had overcome the machine. Yes!

Oh, by the way, on the way home from astronomy class I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought some pop tarts! I had to seal my victory with a celebration. :)


Natalie said...

Great story, Andy! Those pretzels are so good.

Davy said...

Wait, victory over what? Your craving?