Friday, September 14, 2007


I have been "busy" getting ready to live down in Ashland. Packing up things, buying things, moving things, unloading things. etc. I got to see my aparmetn for the first time on Wednesday and it looks pretty good. A nice fit for us three.

Wednesday was my sister's birthday. she turned 17! So this a belated happy Birthday Molly! I said it in person already. It was fun! We watched The Ulimate Gift which was good/pretty good. Played a game, ate some cake and ice cream. Saturday is my mom's birthday. Yipee! More food and ice cream.

I am right listening to music by this composer, Justin Durban. He writes his own music and divides into different styles, like epic, drama, action, etc. He is pretty good and he lets you download it. Very neat!

I am right now reading a book by Tim Downs called Head Game about how one of this guy's friends commits suicide and he doesn't know why? I just started it and it is pretty cool.

Tommorrow is Wash for life that i am going to go to and express my skills as an automoble cleaner. Hopefully someone can wash my car too.

And now a random picture to send you on your way this Friday, a day of Serenity!

See the six rainbows! :)


Natalie said...

Nice post, Andy. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool pic, Andy.
Love, Aunt Linda

Peggy and Molly said...

Thanks Brother!