Thursday, October 4, 2007

Southside of Town

Well whats going on down here?

Classes are going well. So far I think I like computer science the best, then music, then math and physics. In computer science we doing some very basic programing which is fun to design stuff and see the work you do come about.

In music class we are going to the ordinary songs of the mass in the catholic church. Very interesting. Such as the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei. We had to listen to these songs and I liked the Gloria and Sanctus the best.

In Math we are learning about Statistics. Fun! Pretty straight forward. My teacher is really slow on some things, but really fast on others and it seems like most of the class knows more than he does about certain subjects.

In physics we have just been assigned to our teams for our mock hearing that we are going to do. We are doing a HICCUP(Hypothetical Integrated Combined Cycle Utility Power Plant). Some of the teams our Labor, Environmentalist, Community...etc. My team is the Citing Council and we get to decide if we want to build this power plant or axe it. Everyone has to write a paper on for or against certain Issues in their certain group. Some of the Issues are like Need for electricity, Air quality, Water supply, Land use....etc. This should be interesting.

Lets see, living in Ashland....hmmm....pretty good. The town is pretty small. I only know one side of the town. Uh, Steve and Davy are fun to live with. We are not at each others throats.................yet. This past week we ate some hamburgers, burritos(I made them!!!), and pizza together. Oh yeah, we had some green flaky things too. :) I saw Brian this morning before music class, so it is cool to see a familiar face in the crowd. Also Stephen Mader is in my Math class.

Well I guess there is nothing else to report....thanks for your prayers!
How about an "apod"?


Brian said...

Good to see you too. I see Davy on campus quite a lot, but I never run into you or Steve. I was starting to wonder if you had dropped out or something.

Also, just for the record, Stephen’s last name is Meador. My theory is that his ancestors at one time were either manufacturers of mead or they were consumers of mead. I am not sure which one, but hopefully it is the former. If it were the later then they would have to have been tremendous consumers of mead for the surname to stick.

Natalie said...

Hey Andy, glad it's going so well for you down there. Thanks for writing the long post too...I love detail.

See you this weekend!

Kate said...

I noticed that you used a lower case "c" when refering to the catholic church. I hope that was on purpose because although the Catholic church is known for the mass, many churches in the catholic church use it as well.
Who wrote the mass that you are learning? Are you singing it or just studying the music for theory sake? I've sung the Byrd Mass and the Sanctus from Ralph Vaughn Wiliams' mass. I'll let you listen to a recording of it sometime. It's quite moving!
Music is a passionate hobby of mine. I'd love to hear more of your music class sometime!
Btw, I emailed you. Just in case you get this email for some strange girl - I'm not *that* strange. Really. :-)

stephen said...

Thank you, Brian. I would disclose the exact nature of my surname, but then I would have to kill you.

Brian said...

Then you would have to change your name to Stephen Murder, and that would be silly.

Brian said...

I see you Andy.