Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Ol' Story

This past Saturday night, something terrible happened at our apartment in Ashland. It got busted into. Weird huh?

Yep, you heard it right our little home away from home was burglarized. It happened when none of us were, thankfully, for some of us that is. Steve wished he was there to take on the guys, but I said that we would probably have to fill out a murder report instead of loss of possession report.

We didn't find out until Sunday evening that the report had actual happened. Mrs. Pimentel, Davy's mom called him on his cell and told him that some Detective called saying there was a break in at our apartment. Immediately all three of us were thinking if we had left anything really valuable down there. Steve said no, I said maybe, and Davy said not really either. I had left practically all my cd's and dvd's down there and thought they were a goner immediately. Davy had his computer monitor, a guitar, and some other game consoles and video games.

The Detective lady told us that the door had had significant damage done to it.

Then this morning the three of piled into Steve's very tight and uncomfortable car and drove down to the apartment. Well when we got there we were all kind of excited. We were like "wow this is just like CSI." So when got to the front door I was expecting to see the door just hanging off the hinges with big dents on it, but the door looked almost the same as when we had left it. Only around the locks did it look like it had been dented in. So after opening it we went and looked around. I was expecting the place to ransacked(man!, I have been watching way to many spy movies!), but again the place looked completely normal. I quickly dodged, skipped, and trotted to my room in fearful desperation. I had been having nightmares about this all night last night. Coming to the apartment and finding it tared completely apart in a million pieces and all my stuff gone. But when I arrived at my door I noticed nothing missing. My cd's hadn't left, my dvd's where right were I left them. Interesting, I thought. The only thing that was a little out of place was that they had open one of draws by my bed and didn't take anything. I felt relieved! Whew! Then I went to Steve's room and looked around. He kept ranting and raving about how these crooks are really retarded. Nothing was missing from his room, they had just opened abunch of his draws and moved his mattress to look under it for any loose money. They didn't even take his 50 dollar gift certificate to the SOU bookstore that was in plain site on his dresser. While he kept closing draws I told him he should not do that because he may be messing up fingerprints, oh well. Then I checked out Davy's room and looked around. He came to me and pointed the only thing he saw missing was a big bin that had lots of video games and game consoles that was gone and figured that all of it was worth to around 3 or 4 hundred dollars, but that was all they had took.

After this we went to office to see what they do in these situations. And like always, no one was in the office. So I had to call the lady, who was cleaning somewhere, to come down to the office. When she came down we reported what had happened. She didn't seem too surprised. We told her we thought the door needed a little work and asked about were the police station was. She didn't know.

So we left the apartment and went downtown in search of the fire department. We found that and thought it was really cool to go into a fire department. So we went in there and asked for directions to the police department. The lady gave them to us, we thought. So we got back again in this really small car, that Steve likes to call a "hot rod" and drove around for alot longer than it should have taken to find the police station. So we went in and asked about if we had to fill our a report of missing and whether there was anything we could do and whether or not Steve was a terrorist or not. Ok, not really, but we sat around there for pretty much nothing. Davy figured it would take to long to report his missing items so he said forget it. So we went back to apartment and gather up the rest of our valuables and went back home.

All of us think it was the guys the next door who did it, but we don't really know. Our place is kind of secluded, so it would be kind of hard to find it.

Anyway the lesson that God is teaching me in this incident is to fight fire with fire! So the three of planned to bust into the guys next door next Saturday! HAHAHA! no, we arn't.

Material goods aren't forever. Lets lay up our treasure in Heaven were robbery can't get it, ok? ok!

I am tired now...hope this makes cents.

oh, BTW, Mrs. Sommerfeld was worried that the silver ware got stolen, I hope you weren't either. :)


Natalie said...

How exciting! Even though it's sad that you guys got robbed and stuff. Thanks for writing up the story, Andy.

Christina said...

Pretty much amazing. Good thing you wrote up the story. Now you'll never, ever forget it. :)

the typewritten poet said...

that's why I've rigged claymores in front of our door. and I always knew Steve was a terrorist