Friday, February 15, 2008

The Lost Post

Howdy all!

What is going on? Well lets see with me I have been so-so busy with school and work. Today I had success because I finally got my program to run and I got a grade of 100 on it. Yes!

Yesterday, I went with Steve and Brian to Bible Talk and we had a disscussion on love. Since yesterday was Valentine's Day. It was a good disscussion. Then after that Steve and I went with the group to the Golden Dynasty, a chinese restruant down the street and hung out there for an hour or two. It was fun. Steve and I shared the Orange chicken. We all got fortune cookies and my said something like "don't strive for a simple occupation, go for the gold" or something like that. Steve got "You need some rest and relaxation over the next few days". I wanted to switch, but he said no. Then everyone started talking about really gross mold things they have found in there fridge or around there house. Some stories were pretty nasty.

After this enlighting time we all headed out of there and I boogied home where I had some r & r. That was what I did for Valentine's Day.

This week has been pretty good. Not to crazy, I had a Computer Forensics midterm on Wednesday and I wrote a book on all the essay questions. I think I did pretty well. I am really enjoy the sunshine. So nice! Can I hear a "Amen"!

Nothing new has really happened in my life, but things are looking up.....right now. :)

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