Saturday, July 5, 2008

My July 4th Interview

Mr. Fourth: What did you do for July 4th?

Me: Well Mr. Today, it is really a honor for me to chat with you today about my daily routine for July 4th. Well you see this day I had was kind of looking forward to, a day where I could enjoy the sun for little and watch the stars fly by. I got to go play softball at 10 with my church in the morning and went 1-3 with a fly out to center field and fielders' choice. Then I quickly had to drive over to Subway with my shades on, my window down, and Jimmy Eat World sounding from the speakers. Worked for a couple hours in the front of the store asking the same questions over and over. I can handle it though. Got sent home around 2:15 and relaxed for an hour, watched a Star Trek episode from Netflix. A really lame episode that made me wish that they had never made it, but its Star Trek. I love it! Then, just as had finished three peanut butter and honey sandwiches I had to go back to Subway for another shift. By this time I was ready to call it quits and relax the rest of the day, but it was time to make some more money. When I came home from Subway I traveled over to my good friend Davy's house for a time a watching UFC videos, with some unfortunate incidences in these fights (laughs!). Watched a very long and kind of boring documentary on the classic boxing fight between Ali and Foreman. Afterwards when headed outside and lit off some firecrackers with lighters. That was was very fun an entertaining evening. Any other questions?

Mr. Fourth: Why did you eat three peanut butter and honey sandwich's? Couldn't you find something healthier to eat?

Me: I guess I could have, but I didn't feel like it and I was hungry.

Mr. Fourth: Did anyone get hurt while you guys were lighting fireworks?

Me: Well some of us got our thumbs burnt from try to light the fireworks with the liters, but they were only minor burns.

Mr. Fourth: What was the most entertaining part of the Day?

Me: The most entertaining part of my 4th would have to be the softball game in the morning, even though I didn't get to play all that long it was still a lot of fun. Just to feel the dirt beneath your shoes and the smell of the leather from your glove and how the competition to win keeps everyone on their toes.

Mr. Fourth: Was it a good July 4th?

Me: Yes it was a well rounded day of having fun and working.

Mr. Fourth: What kind of plans do you see in your up coming schedule?

Me: Well I see more work at Subway and more working out in the morning and more summer fun!

Mr. Fourth: Well thanks for spending some time with us today, Sir

Me: Anytime.

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Natalie said...

Sounds like you had a good 4th!