Sunday, September 21, 2008

Favorite Movie Scores (So Far...)

10. Dances with Wolves(1990)
Composed By John Barry

Now I needed to throw a "classic" in somewhere and this is probably the best. Barry has been composing music probably for over 20 years. This score and "Out of Africa" are his most noteworthy and both won Oscars. An excellent soundtrack. Highlight track: "The John Dunbar Theme".

9. Anna and the King(1999)
Composed By George Fenton

I have always liked scores that don't just use typical instruments, but use all types of instruments to bring to life the story that is being told. In Anna and the King, Fenton brings some non-traditional instruments into the mix with the traditional instruments and creates a bold and very oriental score that is profound as it is excellent. Highlight track: "Flowers on the Water".

8. Lengends of the Fall(1995)
Composed by James Horner

Probably the main reason I love this soundtrack is that
James Horner composed it.
Horner is the master of creating a very noticeable theme that sticks in your head and that flows throughout each track. Legends is another great that has sort of western feel to the whole album, but it is again a very strong and touching score. Highlight track: "The Ludlows".

7. The Village(2004)
Composed By James Newton Howard

This score has the most beautiful violin parts I have heard in a long time. For a suspense/thriller movie, you would think that it would be a pretty intense soundtrack, but I see it has a soft masterpiece with some thrilling moments in it. James Newton Howard has composed all of Shyamalan's movies and this I believe is his best work. A very emotional score that will leave you wanting more. Highlight track: "The Gravel Road".

6. The Cider House Rules(1999)
Composed By Rachel Portman

I don't know anything about this movie, but I have always liked Rachel Portman works, from Emma to Nicholas Nickleby(A Great Movie!). So when I heard some clips online of this score and read some great reviews I went out and purchased it. Probably one of the softest scores I have heard. It uses mostly piano, but hits deep inside. I usually listen to this when I go to sleep. Highlight track: "Main Title".

5. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas(2003)
Composed By Harry Gregson-Williams

This is a very fun soundtrack. I have never seen the movie, but I saw this review online and people said it is a really great soundtrack. I was at the store once over 5 years ago and I saw this album in a used basket for only 2 bucks and now it is one of my favorite scores. I great swashbuckling adventure filled with a great theme that puts the Pirates of the Caribbean to dust. I have no desire to see the movie because this CD is probably better than the whole movie anyway. Also I was amazed of how good it was for a cartoon. Highlight track: "Rescue!".

4. Titanic(1997)
Composed By James Horner

I know many think this is probably one the most overplayed soundtracks created, but that is because it is so good. It has intense orchestration during the sinking of the ship and beautiful melodies that shine through the sad moments. Another Oscar winner for James in 1997. Highlight track: "Rose."

3. Finding Neverland(2004)
Composed By Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

Magical. That is all I can say about this cd. It is one of the most touching scores to have ever been created. It is no surprise that it won an Oscar in 2004. I hope you get a chance to not only see the movie, but listen to the soundtrack. You won't be disappointed. Highlight track: "Neverland: Piano - Variation in Blue."

2. LOTR : Fellowship of the Ring(2001)
Composed By Howard Shore

It is amazing how much a score for a movie enhances the experience when watching a movie. That is what Howard Shore did with Fellowship of the Ring. He created a whole another world with certain themes for each part of the story and he did an exceptional job. When I first went and saw the movie I had no idea who Howard Shore was, but when I left I wanted the cd. Highlight track is called "Breaking of the Fellowship" , worth the cd alone.

1. Braveheart(1995)
Composed By James Horner

The score has one of the greatest main themes that has ever been developed. I never get tired of listening to this soundtrack over and over. Plus with the influence of some Irish/Scottish music, this makes for a must have. One of the best scores to go with a great war movie. Highlight track: "For the Love of the Princess."


Sarah said...

Great top 10 Andy!

Steve said...

I can't help but feel "children of dune" got robbed. It was great. ALso, what about the score to the transformers?

Faith Adeline said...

I love your choice for 7. ;) These are all really good scores, though! Have you heard Rachel Portman's score to The Lakehouse(a great movie, by the way!)? The song for Kate and Dad's father-daughter-dance was from that score.

Good post, Andy!