Friday, December 17, 2010

Movie Review - Tron Legacy

Having never seen a 3D movie before, I thought "Tron: Legacy" was a good one to go see. I have seen the original a couple of times and loved it. I remember playing the game and how it has changed over the years. By the way those glasses are not made for comfort.

The story takes place twenty years after the original. Kevin Flynn has disappeared and he leaves behind his son and his corporation. When a mysterious signal originates at his old arcade room, Sam, his son, goes there and is transported into the Grid. There Sam finds his father and together they must defeat a program, called CLU who is in control of the Grid.

The Visual Effects are amazing in this film. From the action to the simple talking, everything stands how. I mean to just watch the Cycle races and the ring throwing battles for two hours would have been cool.

The story is your basic one, a search for father by his son and then escaping and defeating the bad guy. There are a lot of subplots that are not very fleshed out, but I think what they told was enough. Some might think the pace of the story is up and down. Because the first half hour is a run and gun and then gets bogged down in the middle. I didn't that at all, sure it gets slow, but that is ok for us to catch our breath.

The acting pretty good. The main kid, Sam Flynn, is decent enough and he comes across as a reckless kid who grows up without a father.

If you want to see a movie that has awesome special effects and decent story, "Tron Legacy" is for you. It was just fun ride and I would not mind at all seeing it again. As for the 3D, it was pretty cool. It wasn't in your face all the time and they used it at the right scenes to make it look really cool.

Go See it!

Tron Legacy is rated PG for violence

4 stars out of 4

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