Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I just woke up
Coffee in my cup
Such a warm and sunny day
Find out what the paper says
Message from the President
No more tax for residents

I'm so happy, feeling snappy
My life is rosy, I'm feeling comfy cozy.

Free, limo ride
Free food inside
Getting paid triple time
Gotta go to Anaheim
Grabbed my briefcase, left my house
Got a meeting with the mouse
Flying first class

I'm so happyFeeling snappy
My life is rosy' I'm feeling comfy cozy
Keeps getting better
Good times forever
And this is one great day

Playing guitar in a band
Just got back from Disney Land
Driving my new four by four
Ed McMahon is at my door
Stocks I bought just went up
Canucks won the Stanley cup
Bill Gates put me in his will
Someone paid my visa bill

I'm so happyFeeling snappy
My life is rosyI'm feeling comfy cozy
I'm so happyFeeling snappy
Will there be sorrow
When I wake up tomorrow

I got a 87% on Geology test so I am feeling Super Duper!


The Sisterhood said...

Did you write this?

We're glad you've started a blog! I also enjoyed looking at the band pictures. I don't know if we have any band practice pictures...if we do, I don't think they've made the light of day. Which is probably a good thing!

Andy said...

Nope, I did not write this. This is a clever little song by a band called Hocus Pick, now long gone, but anyway glad you like the site.

Davy said...

I wonder how the song sounds, because I'm having a hard time finding the rhythm.