Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Book Review!

Relentless by Robin Parrish book 1 of the Domonion trilogy

I found out about this book as I was browsing the Internet on www.infuzemag.com. A great website by the way! I saw that the author Robin Parrish had really wrote this for his fans over a period of time in short stories posted on the Interent, but they wanted it to put into book form so Parrish got the book published and boy is it great! I finally pickd the book up a couple of weeks ago and jsut blazed through it like hot metal through wax or something like that.

The story starts off with a bang and continues that till the end. Grant Borrows steps off the bus one day and sees himself walking to work with his breafcase in hand and Grant's life is thrown into a frenzy. People after him right and left trying to kill him and even the reader is left in the dark which, I guess, part of the story. Questions filled my head as I read.....come on where are the answers! Typical of me always wanted the answers before the story is even over.

As the story progresses Grant meetes up with others who have also been "shifted". Grant soon reliezes he is the one the people have been waiting for to lead them. The others that Grant finds, including himself all have special powers. As the story goes on Grant tries to uncover the truth of his life and what he will discover will change his favorite color from red to blue, ok forget that last part, but if you want a good thrill ride, relentlless action, and great story. Than go find Robin Parrish's book before you become.................Fearless........book 2 out 07.

4.5/5 Stars! A good superhero book with great messages. Enjoy or Unjoy! :)

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