Thursday, March 15, 2007

Have you ever noticed?

I find them everywhere....

It seems like where every I look at see God's hand at work in the little things. Everything happens for a reason. It happen just the other day as I was going to school. I went into the Library at the College to do some work before class started and after walking into the building I noticed that all the computers were being used so I decided to make a loop of the Library(for no apparent reason) and head out. As I was making the loop I saw this lady(I assumed she worked at the Library) trying to put a piece of cardboard on the wall that was behind some file cabinets. I could see she was struggling because she could not reach over the file cabinets very well, I decided to just leave her to her job, but as I passed I know she needs some help. So I offered her my services, she was much obliged. So I stood on top of a stool and leaned over the top of the file cabinets and was able to pin up this cardboard poster thing. I think she thought I was super tall because she asked "How tall are you", I sore of shrugged and responded, "I am just six feet". She thanked me for her work and I left. I thank God that he used me even if it was just a small thing.

A couple of days ago another incident like this happened....

This time I was at work and my boss(Jason) came up to Steve and I and asked us if we had a certain piece of plastic somewhere, which he needed. I remember that we had threw away a ton of these small pieces about three months ago because we never used them, but I remeber that we had saved one box or so I thought. So we pointed out to Jason where we thought the pieces where supposed to be, but we found out that the pieces were not there at all and we had somehow gotten rid of them all, but we found one little piece on the ground somewhere for him....ok hold this thought....

About 3 months ago Steve and I were out in the warehouse and Steve was trying to get this box down from a pallet that was about 12 feet and he could not lift it because it was super heavy. I was on the ground giving him great advice like "hurry up!" and "lift it, weakling". Finally, Steve just had enough strength to lift the box a little bit over this bar thing that was held it tight and the box fell the rest of the way and side of the box exploded. When this happened tiny little plastic pieces went everywhere. After Steve and I contained ourselves from laughing we swept up most of pieces and took the rest of the box inside. I don't really remember why we wanted the box, but that is beside the point.

Ok, back to the present so we could not find for Jason the little plastic pieces(saddles) he desired, but a little later on that day, out in the warehouse, I see Jason on the ground picking up small little pieces. I asked him what he was doing and he said he had found some saddles on the ground over in this certain spot. So I hear him digging over there for awhile and soon he comes over and shows me that he had a found enough saddles to fill a bin. Then it hits me. That was the same place that the box had exploded and the saddles went everywhere. I had assumed that we had swept up all the these saddles, but apparently some had got under some pallets that were on the ground and we didn't see them. All and all, Jason found the pieces he needed.

So in review, (3 months ago) Steve and I broke a box open that contained these saddles and we thought we had cleaned all of the up, but didn't. Flash forward to the present and Jason asked for some saddles and we thought we had a whole box of them, but we didn't. In the end Jason finds some saddles right where the box exploded three months later. Jason and I both agreed it was meant to happen.

I just thought these two incidents were cool. Because even the little things have meaning. I see things like this almost all the time and I don't really look out for them, but they are just there.

"In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps".
Proverbs 16:9

So, have you noticed things like this?


Natalie said...

The Lord is so good! He plans out everything for us, who we meet, what we do, those we help.

Great stories, Andy! Yes, I have noticed thigns like that.

The Sisterhood said...

Hey Andy,

I hope and pray that you have a wonderful trip. Our family will be praying for you as you travel and minister to the people over there.

Be safe!!

Alexa Sleadd said...

Hey Andy,
I really like your blog. Can I have permission to link to it from mine?

-Alexa Sleadd