Thursday, March 8, 2007

I just read this....

Title: Summer of Light

Author: W. Dale Cramer

Ok, I just finished this book and if you haven't ever read Cramer, I am sorry, but you are missing out on some GREAT books! I suggest you start with "Bad Ground" and then move on to "Levi's Will" and then this book. His past two books each won the Christy award so that proves he is a very good author. Cramer has the ability to draw you into a story with his very likable characters.

In this book "Summer of light", is about Mick who is a construction worker who gets into an accident and then is convinced by his wife to stay at home for awhile and take care of the kids. At first Mick is reluctant, but soon accepts it. The story then goes on how he takes care of the kids and the different situations he gets involved in. This is probably Cramer's lightest book he has written and I must say it is a pretty funny book. :) Go read it!

I loved this book! 5/5 stars


Brian said...

How long is it?

Andy said...

about 400 pages, but it flies by.