Monday, August 27, 2007

Great Book!

Title: Hood

Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

I first saw this book in stores about a year ago and I was crazy about it. I had just finished reading his Song of Albion trilogy, so I was ready for more, but it has taken over a year before I was able to read it and I wish I had started it sooner because it is awesome!

The story is Lawhead's take on the Robin Hood legend which made me even more excited to read this. The story takes place in Wales and our folk hero is Bran the son of King of the land of Elfael. When Bran's father, the king, is killed in an ambush along with nearly all his warriors, the land of Elfael is overtaken and its citizens subjected to great oppression. Though Bran should be king, he has lost faith in what he believed and decides to flee instead. Through agony and adventure, aided by a ragtag group of colorful characters, his sense of justice grows, along with his commitment to leading the people of Elfael and his creative strategies for dealing with the enemy. Lawhead examines questions of faith from both sides of the conflict, so you see Welsh monks praying for deliverance and Norman rulers asserting their divine right to the land. The story's tone is uneven—by turns sweet, violent, and funny that will leave you anxious for the next installment.

The next book Scarlet is slated to hit shelves sometime at the beginning of September and I am ready for it. Are U?
My Rating: *****(5 stars)!


Sarah said...

Is Scarlet about Will Scarlet?

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