Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Road Trip!

On The Road.

Steve's photography.
At the Water Park.

Me going down this cool slide. Like a 5 store drop.

Oh, Yeah!

Steve going down...(yawn).

Yep, he survived too.

Ahh....it was a taste of Paradise.

Check out these studs.

Some more of Steve's photography.

....and more.

Here we are playing some Frisbee Golf.

Throw it straight, Steve.

It was a blast.

I could be on a trading card.

At the beach.

I wonder who took this picture?

A Ferris wheel.

In front of the Haunted Castle. It was very scary. :)

Look its a roller coaster.

At night on the Wharf.
Yep, we had a awesome time down South. My Aunt and Uncle were very nice and we ate like kings everyday. Tomorrow( or sometime later) I will post something that you usually don't see on every blog. At least not home made....


Natalie said...

Great pictures! Glad you two had fun.

Brad said...

You should have taken more pictures :P. Ohh never mind, you probably filled the 10 gig max :O.