Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, what's new?

Well what is new in my life....
1.Well lets see, two other friends of mine and I are going to be moving down to Ashland sometime in September to go to SOU. I am kind of excited about this. Going to be out on my own with my own place and a ton more of responiblity. At this point in time we are gatering up all of our stuff and seeing what we need to get and what we don't need to get.
2.I am taking 4 classes at SOU for the fall term.
3. Last movie I saw in theaters was Stardust. Pretty funny movie!
4. Newest cd I have gotten is by a band called Paramore.
5. Book I am reading now is called "Hood" by Stephen R. Lawhead.
So there's some new stuff for ya!


Natalie said...

What type of classes are you taking?

Brad said...

I'll bet you guys will be happy. :P

the type-written poet said...

who you livin with?

Sarah said...

I love Paramore! where did you hear of them? what classes are you taking @ SOU and what's your major?