Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5now D@y!

Its Alfred!
Jeremy asking "what is this white stuff called?"

Me about to pass a football to J on the road

Nice sculptures!

Deep snow!

Ahh! What a day! School let out early, took 30 minutes to get home, white washing Jeremy's face in the snow, Jeremy trying to take me down playing tackle football and eventually succeeding, walking to the store and back, making a snow angel in the snow..........


Natalie said...

Fun pictures! I like Alfred.

Anonymous said...

You should see our "deep snow." We happen to be snowed in at the moment. When I tried to go into town this morning I had to turn around and come home-too much fish tailing. And then Dad had to put on chains on the big van in the middle of 7th street, and then he had to stay parked in the middle of the freeway for an hour because all the cars had to stop.



Andy said...

Sounds fun! Snowned in? Coolio!

The Sisterhood said...

Looks fun! We should all have a big old snowball fight!

Do you still have snow?


Davy said...

Let us hope it is here to stay.

The Sisterhood said...

Yeah, it would be fun... Natalie was excited that the College was closed... :) But, since we are snowed in...we can't get to the store, and sooner or later we will run out of food. That was very dramatic, wasn't it? :)

We should have a snow day and go sleading somewhere! That would be grand!


Andy said...

All the snow is pretty much gone. Alfred got cut in half from the sun. He just fell over. Sad. Yes, a snow day would be grand.