Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome 2007.........Goodbye 2006

Welcome to 2007
We are that much closer to heaven
Today is the start of something new
Tomorrow you will know something you never knew

Goodbye 2006
We thank you for the endless mix
Of fun and games and wonderful joy
to Ultimate Frisbee and playing with a toy

Welcome to 2007
Things are just getting better since 1911
Before we had nothing(so it seemed)
But now we are blessed because we are in God's team

Goodbye 2006
May we ever say without any ticks
That God is the sole reason I exist
To bring Him glory and honor from my lips
Happy New Year to you and your kin
May we always love God and hate sin


Natalie said...

I like that, Andy. Did you write it?

Davy said...

Hey Andy! I'm sure we all missed you this weekend; get better!