Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Woke me up!

Title: Waking Lazarus

Author: T.L. Hines

I read this book over my "break" of being sick, the last two weeks. I just plowed through it like a hot knife through butter.
The story is a cross between a thriller and a mystery. It takes place around a guy named Jude Allman who has died three times and came back to life each time. He doesn't understand it or why he has not died. Allman becomes a paranoid recluse in Red Lodge, Mont., where he works under an assumed name as a school janitor; His son, Nathan, lives with his mother elsewhere in town. As a string of child abductions begin, Jude finds he possesses supernatural powers that allow him to see into the lives of others. When Nathan is kidnapped, Jude finds his purpose and his faith. Hines handles the numerous flashbacks and switches in point of view well, and has a deft touch in knowing just how much information to give and how much to withhold. I was wrapped up in the story so tight like a bow on a present. You will be caught up in the mystery and suspense of who you think the kidnapper is and don't be fooled by what you read.
Take some time to catch up with a good suspense novel filled with interesting questions about purpose.
Read this book! 5/5 Stars


Davy said...

How many hours did it take you to finish that?

Andy said...

Took me like 5-6 hours....